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IT & Telecommunications services company specializing in the field of implementation, technical support, logistics and network services. (MEGIC) has experience of working in Middle East providing turnkey solutions to international quality standards. Through this experience Me Gateway has grown a successful capability in providing skills to telecommunications suppliers and operators , both by providing fixed prices turnkey solutions and by outsourcing of non-core skills. (MEGIC) is the identical partner for international companies who would like to expand their activities in Middle East.

ME Gateway has been selected to provide the internal technical support and installation services to international companies for many telecom and military projects in Middle East .The solutions include the following :-

  • DC & AC Power Systems
  • HF ,VHF / UHF & Microwave communication systems
  • Voice/Data Encryption (Code and Cipher Systems)
  • Automatic Vesicle Location (AVL) ,Geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Leas lines Backup solutions through ISDN and DSL
  • Computer networks ( DSLAM,VDSL, CPE , Switches , Routers , Firewalls )
  • Fiber management Solutions. (CWDM , DWDM)
  • IT Solutions for Business Management( ERP, Document management, CRM)
  • Control & SCADA
  • Internet Connectivity (Wi-Fi , Wi-Max , Lazer links )
  • IVR Systems
  • IP Telephony

Latest News

15 May 2013

LK-101 Splicing Machine

LK-101 Optical Fusion Splicer Machine is now available in ME for more info please visit the page or contact us at   
23 March 2013

ME Rain-Bird Page

Rain-Bird Page Completely finish more brochure you can download soon..

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Telecommunications and Information Technology

23 April 2012Middle East Gateway Information Technology

Middle East Gateway Information Technology

ME Gateway IT is a major supplier for IT solutions , to meet the growing need of this dynamic industry. Me Gateway is an Information Technology services firm that helps clients achieve competitive advantages by implementing high-quality, technology-based solutions. Presently we…
23 April 2012ME Gateway Microwave System

ME Gateway Microwave System

MEG Microwave systems is a solid state Point-to-Point Wireless Radio System operating in a variety of available bands to suit any requirement. The system utilizes state-of-the-art technology from our international partners and the latest micro strip…

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