DBS Plus Digital Broadcast Teaching System

DBS Plus Digital Broadcast Teaching System
DBS Plus, an innovative audio visual teaching system, engages teachers and students in a joyful and interactive learning environment. Offers
tools such as wifi-display (smart phone, tablet), dialogue, group practice, students demonstration, on-line test, prompt feedback,
grade, help, roll call…,etc that will keep your students motivated and excited while they acquire the language skills they will need even under
non-PC based classrooms.You will not regret to get closer DBS-plus, the latest inspirational and effective pedagogical system.
Wireless Broadcast
With brand-new touch panel and built-in blue tooth to support PC, laptop and tablet wireless broadcasting such as iPhone / iPad / Tablet
/ Smart Phone / NB for teachers to easily present teaching materials with hand-held devices.
Versatile teaching and learning
Address the specialized learning environment of language/computer lab by multiple tools such as broadcast, observe, dialogue, group discussion,
darken, on line help, etc and delivery high-fidelity sound obtaining a fluent and free discussion.
In-class evaluation
Teachers can give paper-less exam as power point format by editing single/multiple choice, true and false questions and able to insert texts,
video and audio files. Meanwhile, different exam mode such as Competition, Interactive game, Anonymous Exam and so on makes the
leaning more interesting, lively and enjoyable.
Support high resolution display
Support high resolution up to 1920*1080 and sustain full motion guaranteeing excellent image quality for the materials including motion
video and high definition graphics.
Optional environment control
Enable a total classroom management such as projector, power, I/O relay (lights), curtain, screen control, etc by integrating with an optional
device control box (PJ-108) facilitate the teaching and management.
System Structure
Teacher Panel
Teacher Console
AVC Converter
Student Unit
Item Model No. Description
Teacher Panel
Touch Panel with multi-function keys
Teacher Console
Teacher Unit to connect Teacher PC & Wireless Devices
Signal Booster with 8 ports. Giving DBS additional input options (Optional Device).
Student Unit
Student unit to connect headsets, screens, PCs and DRS response keys. One box support two students’ PC.
AV Converter
Expand 4 AV and 2 VGA devices.
DRS Software
DBS Software
DBS Response System
DRS Response Key
KBM Control
Keyboard and Mouse control
Bus Cable
Shielded Twist Pair Category 5E Cable
DBS Plus function list and instruction
Interactive Teaching
Multi-media Sources
Support PC, NB, tablet PC and multimedia sources like VCD, DVD player, camera, projector and so on
Student Demonstration
Appointed student broadcast the audio and video to part / all students.
Darken part / all student's screens to make them concentrate on class
Student can call for help
Interactive Instruction
Remote control keyboard and mouse of assigned student to reach one by one instruction.
Under teacher broadcasting, assigned students ID will be viewed as off-line and able to self control their PC
Self Study
Student can freely choose the teacher broadcasting screen or self screen
Roll Call
In class roll call
Dialogue Practice
Dialogue to Single student
The teacher can talk to appointed student
Dialogue to all
The teacher can dialogue to all students
Student Dialogue Demonstration
The teacher can broadcast appointed student dialogue to all / part students
Group Dialogue Demonstration
The teacher can broadcast appointed group dialogue to all students
Group Discussion
The teacher allow certain groups discussion
In- class Evaluation
In class evaluation to know about student learning condition
Students who answer wrong for certain times (teacher can set the value) will fail the game and the last survivor will win.
Interactive Game
The teacher can play on-line snatch and randomly pick student/ group to answer questions
Anonymous Mode
Anonymous Voting
Data Management
Question Edit
Easy and fast edit questions on Power Point
Class Management
Teacher can edit class group and student information on the system
Answer Collection and Analysis
Automatically collect students’ answers and calculate the score
Import/ export data
Able to import/ export class information and grade report
Environment Control
Turn off Target PC Remotely
Able to turn off student PC remotely
Restart Target PC Remotely
Able to restart student PC remotely
Seat Arrangement
Set student ID according to the seats
Projector Control
Control projector power switch
Screen Control
Raise / put down / stop the screen
Curtain Control
Open/ close curtain
Power Switch
Devices power switch
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