e-PLUS LAB Digital Language Training System

e-PLUS LAB Digital Language Training System
e-PLUS LAB, powerful and user-friendly language training software, creates a motivated learning environment for core language skills drilling such
as listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Teacher Interface

*Support 17 language interfaces

e-PLUS LAB ,with full-functional features, includes immediate multimedia signal broadcasting, model imitation under dual track recording(VSCP,
S/P, A-B repeating), oral interpretation drilling, group discussion, digital paperless online exam and ample database for self-study access, etc. It is
certainly the must-have tool to acquire language enjoyably and efficiently.
Interactive Teaching and Learning
Conduct a vivid lecture by real-time broadcasting multimedia teaching materials such as video/ audio/ microphone/ live streaming files.
Individualized teaching is reached with 24 channels designated to different students according to their levels, which are open for them to
randomly access as well.
Abundant& Interesting Teaching Sources
Multiple types of materials such as website, PPT, Flash, Word, Excel, and live streaming signals (RA, RM, RMVB, WMA, AVI, DIVX, XVID)
easily enrich the teaching. Moreover, it supports multimedia devices prompt broadcasting; for example, DVD, VHS, cassette, camera snap and
even authentic objects projection as the vivid auxiliaries to absorb learners in the class.
Support Multilingual Interfaces
Up to 17 language interfaces are available such as English, Chinese, Arabic, French and so on; e-PLUS LAB is absolutely the perfect tool
accomplishing language learning.
Group Learning
Flexible grouping stimulates students actively participating in the class by dividing them into several groups with a selected leader executing
functions such as teaching, dialogue, broadcasting, observation, remote control and so on. Meanwhile, teacher can join any group to guide or
observe learners. Simultaneous interpretation enables teachers to designate 1~12 learners to practice oral interpretation on certain topic and
allow the other students to listen and learn. Most importantly, the whole process can be recorded as MP3 files for later review.
Integrated Management
Classroom management likes remote control over turning on/off and restarting student computers as well as locking their screen, mouse or
keyboard collectively is just intuitive. Exclusive material database per teacher and complete databank in accordance with classes and students
contributes to a simple-access teaching.
Various Evaluation Types
Effectively assist learners in evaluating their comprehension levels with various paperless on-line exam modes including single/multiple-choice(s),
cloze, true-false, listening, translation and composition tests. Moreover, e-Plus LAB enables teacher to distribute different A/B/C/D exams
according to learner levels corresponding to individualized teaching. Prompt exam analysis will be conducted automatically showing the score
and answer of each question. Hand in/out assignments online not only promotes the paperless environment but also achieves high-efficient
resources management.
Self study
Remarkable functions under self study mode to maximize the teaching sources can be illustrated by VSCP (Various Speed from -50% to+200%
and Constant Pitch), S/P (Sentence and Pause) SPS, SSP, SPSP, A-B circulation broadcasting, 100 bookmarks, websites share and so on.
Teaching Mode
Interactive Teaching
Supoort multimedia signals broadcasting such as PC, laptop, projector, camera, DVD and so on.
Multi-channel Broadcast
Up to 24 audio/video channels to distribute among different students according to their levels.
Interpretation Training
Appoint 1~12 students for oral interpretation practice and recording at the same time.
Student Demo.
Appoint a student to demonstrate orally or through screen.
Group Teaching
Group students and appoint a leader to imitate interactive teaching among students.
Monitor student PCs and appropriately join for one-by-one guidance.
Student Call
Students call for help or send messages to the teacher.
Hand in/out paperless assignments online.
Oral Training
Group Discussion Group the students to discuss orally or by messages.
Conference Call Students freely practice dialogue in pairs or groups.
Simultaneous Recording Students' oral practices are able to be recorded for later review.
Self-Study Access
Open Materials Video/audio files, 24 multimedia channels, websites, and other materials in database are available for students.
VSCP Function With function of various speed from -50% to +200% but constant pitch for students practicing model imitation.
S/P (Sentence and pause) Self-study modes of SPS, SSP, SPSP let students to listen to audio file and practice.
Digital Exam
In-class quiz with multimedia function and various exam modes:single/multiple-choice(s), cloze, true/false, composition, and translation.
Correct exams and collect grade statistics automatically.
Classroom Management
Exclusive materials database per teacher.
Students information Management Student information management according to class.
Group Management Group students and designate the leaders for each group.
Remote control Remote control student PC over turning on/off and restarting, locking screen, mouse and keyboard, internet blocking, and program and USB limitation.
Roll Call Check students' attendance.
Seat allocation Define seat allocation accorrding to class.
Hardware Requirement
Recommended Specification of Teacher PC
Recommended Specification of Student PC
Intel Core i5
Intel Core i3
2GB or above
1 GB or above
500GB (Need to Install with Database)
250 GB
16-Bit Audio Card
16-Bit Audio Card
100/1000 Mbps
100/1000 Mbps
Windows XP/ 7 / 8
Windows XP/ 7 / 8
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