ST Smart Teaching School System


ST Smart Teaching School System

Nowadays, technology-orientation classroom is a must have trend. How to maximize the benefit of PC led instruction becomes a greater concern. Smart Teaching combines hardware central integrator and software interface contributing to efficient teaching and learning. Integrate multimedia devices such as PC/DVD/Laptop into central controller and broadcast real-time & qualified AV signal. Activate all required functions by a simple software interface.

Combining advanced classroom management to power on/off/reboot students PC, keyboard & mouse control, command appointed program demonstrating at the same time. Multi/Single observes students PC to realize learning conditions, live recording and re-playing lectures, student demonstration, collect exam paper/homework, messaging availability and so on. Complete and practical function constructs an efficient and economic teaching environment.
Sensor panel with which decreases damage to panel after long-term use.
With 4 AV inputs, 2 VGA inputs.
Integrate all AV devices from teacher's side and control them only via sensor panel.
Support 2 VGA inputs and outputs.
Transmit different source signals into designated outputs by matrix-switch function.
Signal transmitted via STP CAT5 Cable optimize the output audio/video quality.
Broadcast source signal to projectors.
Support high resolution TFT-LCD monitor, up to 1600*1200.
Real-time Broadcast
Darken Teaching mode
Group A / B AV Broadcast
AV Devices IR Control

Multi Observe



System Connection

Enlarged Picture


Software and hardware Integration – Real-time
and qualified A/V signal broadcasting by hardware based Furnish all commands with an easy & interactive
software interface.
Teaching  Teachers can broadcast different target
signals such as PC / NB / Video to all / group students
and instructs students by e-painter or e-board.
Classroom Management – Power on / off / Reboot
students PC, allow / prohibit message sending, able /
disable hand in the homework, command program
synchronically, update students' software and so on.
Screen Recording – Record broadcasted screen as
lectures database or instruction topics to students by
internet or to be lused by other teachers.
Student Demonstration -Appoint certain student to
demonstrate to all / group students to achieve
Darken - Darken all / group students' monitors to make
students be concentrate on the course.
Dialogue – Free dialogue between teachers and
students. Pair or group talk with different topics between
students by microphones. Teachers can freely join
students' discussion to monitor learning conditions.
Observe -Monitor one or multiple (4, 9, 16) split student
screens and adjustable observing time.
Media Devices Control –Control integrated AV devices
such as DVD/VCD and command them via a sensor
panel or software interface.
KBM Control – Remote control appointed student’s
mouse and keyboard by teachers to obtain
demonstration or real-time correction.
Exam – Paperiess Examination. Broadcast multiple
choice or true/false test to strudents and prompt scoring after exams being finished.
E-Paintr – Draw any target figures or write down words
freely by E-Painter outputted to students' screens
directly overcoming non-fixed form lecture instructions.
E-Board –Paste or type down lectures/explanation
directly outputted to clients’ screens.
Chat Room –Teacher and students can proceed
different topics discussion by microphones and
messaging under teacher’s control.
Online Snatch – Students can answer quiz by
microphone or messaging in a snatch way
File Transfer- Send multiple files simultaneously to
appointed student(s) and set the file to be open
automatically after being received.
Homework Hand in - Hands in file / homework to
teacher by a single click.
Students Call - Students can call teacher for help
anytime. Teachers can answer the call by microphone
or online message.
Roll call – On-line roll-call by name/number/class.
PC Information – Detailed PC information such as,
Memory, Network, disk capacity and so on of each PC.
Projector output selection – Output alternative
resources such as PC/DVD/Laptop to projectors.

Teacher Panel Teacher Console Student Unit Bus Cable



Touch Sensor Panel
19 function keys
12 IR Control Keys

2 VGA inputs
4 AV inputs
8 Bus out Port

Support 2 students
Audio in / out
2 VGA in / out

Cat5 Cable

1 x 6P4C 2M TEL Cable

2 x VGA Cable
1 x Power adapter
2x AUDIO Cable
2x RCA*3 Cable 
1x IR Receive Cable
4x IR transmit Cable

2 x VGA Cable
2x AUDIO Cable
1 x DC12V Power adapter




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