DTS2 Digital Language Training System

DTS2 Digital Language Training System

DTS2 Digital Language Training System with embedded system and 32 bit DSP processor,makes language learning more efficient and improves audio quality to facilitate teaching and learning.

DTS2 is with powerful self-study function through which students can choose courses randomly to play and follow. Students also can do on-line test and adjust the playing speed with the same tone. With the real-time recording function, students can record the text into wav files, managing and restoring, or at student’s USB drive. It is definitely a powerful tool used in schools of different levels.

Multi-functional and powerful language training system with functions: audio / text broadcasting, dictation, student
demonstration, simultaneous interpretation, exam, group discussion, text shadowing, live recording, etc.
Teachers still can do the text broadcasting, demonstrations, dialogue and so on by the independent control keys of
the audio master even without boosting teacher's PC.
Teachers are able to appoint students to listen to selected channels to practice listening.
Students can choose text and any practice from teacher side freely.
With text-following and A-B segment replaying for students.
Teacher can transmit text to student's monitor through E-board.
Text can be lively recorded into digital files in the teacher's PC.
Paperless exam function: double-subject test-paper, automatic grade, analyze after exam and print the test-paper out.
Digital recording: students can record their own oral practice.
Support catechetical examination.
Student unit can connect PS/2 standard keyboard to obtain listing and writing test.
Calling function: students can call for the help to teachers.
System Requirements
System Structure


Teachers instruct by microphone and broadcast the courses to students.
Student demonstration
Teachers can appoint 1 to 4 students to demonstrate to all.


Interactive discussion between students and teachers.
Teacher can monitor the discussion between students.
Simultaneous Interpretation
Teacher can appoint 1 to 4 students to do the simultaneous translations.
Students can do the listening and writing test by P/S2 keyboard.
There are 8 open multimedia channels for students to listen freely. Teacher also can appoint channel to selected students.

Teacher can appoint 2 or 4 students as a group to discuss.

Paperless exam function. A/B test paper (double-subject test papers), on line quiz, normal exam environment, real time grade,test result analysis and print test paper
Teacher can do on line quiz in class to understand the students' learning condition.
Oral test
Group students into 1 to 4 groups to do the oral test.The audio file could be saved
in teacher's PC automatically.
Self study
Under self study mode, students can choose audio files randomly from teacher's side such as MP3 / WAV / TXT format to do listening, reading, oral, and pre-quiz practice.
Students also can record their oral practice.
IP Phone
Students can select target student to do oral practice.
A-B Repeat
Under self-study mode, students can repeat certain segment to listen.
Test shadowing
Support SP, SSP, SPS repeating mode. With intellectual language recognition technician, identify each sentence accurately to reach optimal repeating and
shadowing function.
Test tone adjustment
Be able to change the audio speed to be faster or slower with the same tone.
The adjustment range is up to +-60%.
E board
Teachers can transmit text to students via e-board.Audio files can be broadcasted
at the same time.
Live recording
Text can be lively recorded into digital files in the teacher's PC.
Item Model No. Description
Audio Master DTS2-308 Audio mater for teacher to control all the functions.
Cassette Recorder DTS2-R01 Digital cassette for teacher to control the recording.
Student Unit DTS2-101 For student to receive and self-study
Headset TH-952 Profession language earphone and microphone.
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