DTS2 Digital Language Training System

DTS2 Digital Language Training System with embedded system and 32 bit DSP processor,makes language learning more efficient and improves audio quality to facilitate teaching and learning.

DTS2 is with powerful self-study function through which students can choose courses randomly to play and follow. Students also can do on-line test and adjust the playing speed with the same tone. With the real-time recording function, students can record the text into wav files, managing and restoring, or at student’s USB drive. It is definitely a powerful tool used in schools of different levels.

Multi-functional and powerful language training system with functions: audio / text broadcasting, dictation, student
demonstration, simultaneous interpretation, exam, group discussion, text shadowing, live recording, etc.
Teachers still can do the text broadcasting, demonstrations, dialogue and so on by the independent control keys of
the audio master even without boosting teacher's PC.
Teachers are able to appoint students to listen to selected channels to practice listening.
Students can choose text and any practice from teacher side freely.
With text-following and A-B segment replaying for students.
Teacher can transmit text to student's monitor through E-board.
Text can be lively recorded into digital files in the teacher's PC.
Paperless exam function: double-subject test-paper, automatic grade, analyze after exam and print the test-paper out.
Digital recording: students can record their own oral practice.
Support catechetical examination.
Student unit can connect PS/2 standard keyboard to obtain listing and writing test.
Calling function: students can call for the help to teachers.
System Requirements
System Structure


Teachers instruct by microphone and broadcast the courses to students.
Student demonstration
Teachers can appoint 1 to 4 students to demonstrate to all.


Interactive discussion between students and teachers.
Teacher can monitor the discussion between students.
Simultaneous Interpretation
Teacher can appoint 1 to 4 students to do the simultaneous translations.
Students can do the listening and writing test by P/S2 keyboard.
There are 8 open multimedia channels for students to listen freely. Teacher also can appoint channel to selected students.

Teacher can appoint 2 or 4 students as a group to discuss.

Paperless exam function. A/B test paper (double-subject test papers), on line quiz, normal exam environment, real time grade,test result analysis and print test paper
Teacher can do on line quiz in class to understand the students' learning condition.
Oral test
Group students into 1 to 4 groups to do the oral test.The audio file could be saved
in teacher's PC automatically.
Self study
Under self study mode, students can choose audio files randomly from teacher's side such as MP3 / WAV / TXT format to do listening, reading, oral, and pre-quiz practice.
Students also can record their oral practice.
IP Phone
Students can select target student to do oral practice.
A-B Repeat
Under self-study mode, students can repeat certain segment to listen.
Test shadowing
Support SP, SSP, SPS repeating mode. With intellectual language recognition technician, identify each sentence accurately to reach optimal repeating and
shadowing function.
Test tone adjustment
Be able to change the audio speed to be faster or slower with the same tone.
The adjustment range is up to +-60%.
E board
Teachers can transmit text to students via e-board.Audio files can be broadcasted
at the same time.
Live recording
Text can be lively recorded into digital files in the teacher's PC.
Item Model No. Description
Audio Master DTS2-308 Audio mater for teacher to control all the functions.
Cassette Recorder DTS2-R01 Digital cassette for teacher to control the recording.
Student Unit DTS2-101 For student to receive and self-study
Headset TH-952 Profession language earphone and microphone.
DBS Multimedia Broadcast-Teaching system
Multimedia Broadcast-Teaching system transmits via CAT5E cable to replace traditional coaxial cable. Thus, qualityof audio and video
are highly improved and installation is much easier. Multimedia Broadcast-Teaching system with user-friendly interface can broadcast
signal of NB / DVD / projector from teacher resources to students'monitors. It also can combine headsets to do discussion between
students and teachers bringing more interactive and flexibility in teaching. They are powerful tool for multimedia lab, computer cram
school, training lab, government and so on.
Support 3 way broadcasting: teacher to student, student to teacher, student to student.
PC or non PC-based and supports up to 80 users.
Integrate multimedia devices such as DVD / VCR / NB/projectors to broadcast.
Real time Broadcast Video/Audio/Mic at the same time.
KBM control function: mutual keyboard and mouse control between teacher and students(one by one).
Interactive discussion between teachers and learners.
Group function: each group can choose a leader to do demo or group discussion.
The teacher can broadcast either teacher or student's audio, video and microphone to all or selected students.
The teacher can monitor student's PC rotationally or respectively.
The teacher can darken all or selected screens of students' PC.
Center Monitor
Teacher can broadcast his/her screen on the center monitor in order to comply with teaching method.
With headsets and among any function executed, all/the selected students can dialog with each other.
Talk II
Student on the same student unit can talk to each other
If the students need aid, they can push the help button for teacher's help.
The teacher can group all students by booster port. Teacher can join any group at any time.
Audio / Video / Mic Control
Either of the broadcast source audio / video / microphone can be disabled.
KBM Control function
Teacher & Studnet's PC Remote Control, Keyboard and Mouse control
System Structure
Teacher Panel
Student Unit
AVC Converter
Teacher Console
DM-316BV (Optional)
Model No.
Teacher Panel
Panel with Multi-function keys on the panel
Teacher Console
Teacher Unit can connect Teacher PC & Notebook or Projector.
Signal Booster with 8 ports; one port for 5 Student Units
Student Unit
Bus In/ Out for cabling, monitor and VGA interface ports for student's PC.
AVC Converter
4 AV and 2 VGA Signal Input, given DBS a powerful A/V Input option. (Optional Device)
KB/M Control Kit
Software Kit for Remote Control, Keyboard and Mouse control (Optional Device)
Bus Cable
Shielded Twist Pair Category 5E Cable


ST Smart Teaching School System

Nowadays, technology-orientation classroom is a must have trend. How to maximize the benefit of PC led instruction becomes a greater concern. Smart Teaching combines hardware central integrator and software interface contributing to efficient teaching and learning. Integrate multimedia devices such as PC/DVD/Laptop into central controller and broadcast real-time & qualified AV signal. Activate all required functions by a simple software interface.

Combining advanced classroom management to power on/off/reboot students PC, keyboard & mouse control, command appointed program demonstrating at the same time. Multi/Single observes students PC to realize learning conditions, live recording and re-playing lectures, student demonstration, collect exam paper/homework, messaging availability and so on. Complete and practical function constructs an efficient and economic teaching environment.
Sensor panel with which decreases damage to panel after long-term use.
With 4 AV inputs, 2 VGA inputs.
Integrate all AV devices from teacher's side and control them only via sensor panel.
Support 2 VGA inputs and outputs.
Transmit different source signals into designated outputs by matrix-switch function.
Signal transmitted via STP CAT5 Cable optimize the output audio/video quality.
Broadcast source signal to projectors.
Support high resolution TFT-LCD monitor, up to 1600*1200.
Real-time Broadcast
Darken Teaching mode
Group A / B AV Broadcast
AV Devices IR Control

Multi Observe



System Connection

Enlarged Picture


Software and hardware Integration – Real-time
and qualified A/V signal broadcasting by hardware based Furnish all commands with an easy & interactive
software interface.
Teaching  Teachers can broadcast different target
signals such as PC / NB / Video to all / group students
and instructs students by e-painter or e-board.
Classroom Management – Power on / off / Reboot
students PC, allow / prohibit message sending, able /
disable hand in the homework, command program
synchronically, update students' software and so on.
Screen Recording – Record broadcasted screen as
lectures database or instruction topics to students by
internet or to be lused by other teachers.
Student Demonstration -Appoint certain student to
demonstrate to all / group students to achieve
Darken - Darken all / group students' monitors to make
students be concentrate on the course.
Dialogue – Free dialogue between teachers and
students. Pair or group talk with different topics between
students by microphones. Teachers can freely join
students' discussion to monitor learning conditions.
Observe -Monitor one or multiple (4, 9, 16) split student
screens and adjustable observing time.
Media Devices Control –Control integrated AV devices
such as DVD/VCD and command them via a sensor
panel or software interface.
KBM Control – Remote control appointed student’s
mouse and keyboard by teachers to obtain
demonstration or real-time correction.
Exam – Paperiess Examination. Broadcast multiple
choice or true/false test to strudents and prompt scoring after exams being finished.
E-Paintr – Draw any target figures or write down words
freely by E-Painter outputted to students' screens
directly overcoming non-fixed form lecture instructions.
E-Board –Paste or type down lectures/explanation
directly outputted to clients’ screens.
Chat Room –Teacher and students can proceed
different topics discussion by microphones and
messaging under teacher’s control.
Online Snatch – Students can answer quiz by
microphone or messaging in a snatch way
File Transfer- Send multiple files simultaneously to
appointed student(s) and set the file to be open
automatically after being received.
Homework Hand in - Hands in file / homework to
teacher by a single click.
Students Call - Students can call teacher for help
anytime. Teachers can answer the call by microphone
or online message.
Roll call – On-line roll-call by name/number/class.
PC Information – Detailed PC information such as,
Memory, Network, disk capacity and so on of each PC.
Projector output selection – Output alternative
resources such as PC/DVD/Laptop to projectors.

Teacher Panel Teacher Console Student Unit Bus Cable



Touch Sensor Panel
19 function keys
12 IR Control Keys

2 VGA inputs
4 AV inputs
8 Bus out Port

Support 2 students
Audio in / out
2 VGA in / out

Cat5 Cable

1 x 6P4C 2M TEL Cable

2 x VGA Cable
1 x Power adapter
2x AUDIO Cable
2x RCA*3 Cable 
1x IR Receive Cable
4x IR transmit Cable

2 x VGA Cable
2x AUDIO Cable
1 x DC12V Power adapter




e-PLUS LAB Digital Language Training System
e-PLUS LAB, powerful and user-friendly language training software, creates a motivated learning environment for core language skills drilling such
as listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Teacher Interface

*Support 17 language interfaces

e-PLUS LAB ,with full-functional features, includes immediate multimedia signal broadcasting, model imitation under dual track recording(VSCP,
S/P, A-B repeating), oral interpretation drilling, group discussion, digital paperless online exam and ample database for self-study access, etc. It is
certainly the must-have tool to acquire language enjoyably and efficiently.
Interactive Teaching and Learning
Conduct a vivid lecture by real-time broadcasting multimedia teaching materials such as video/ audio/ microphone/ live streaming files.
Individualized teaching is reached with 24 channels designated to different students according to their levels, which are open for them to
randomly access as well.
Abundant& Interesting Teaching Sources
Multiple types of materials such as website, PPT, Flash, Word, Excel, and live streaming signals (RA, RM, RMVB, WMA, AVI, DIVX, XVID)
easily enrich the teaching. Moreover, it supports multimedia devices prompt broadcasting; for example, DVD, VHS, cassette, camera snap and
even authentic objects projection as the vivid auxiliaries to absorb learners in the class.
Support Multilingual Interfaces
Up to 17 language interfaces are available such as English, Chinese, Arabic, French and so on; e-PLUS LAB is absolutely the perfect tool
accomplishing language learning.
Group Learning
Flexible grouping stimulates students actively participating in the class by dividing them into several groups with a selected leader executing
functions such as teaching, dialogue, broadcasting, observation, remote control and so on. Meanwhile, teacher can join any group to guide or
observe learners. Simultaneous interpretation enables teachers to designate 1~12 learners to practice oral interpretation on certain topic and
allow the other students to listen and learn. Most importantly, the whole process can be recorded as MP3 files for later review.
Integrated Management
Classroom management likes remote control over turning on/off and restarting student computers as well as locking their screen, mouse or
keyboard collectively is just intuitive. Exclusive material database per teacher and complete databank in accordance with classes and students
contributes to a simple-access teaching.
Various Evaluation Types
Effectively assist learners in evaluating their comprehension levels with various paperless on-line exam modes including single/multiple-choice(s),
cloze, true-false, listening, translation and composition tests. Moreover, e-Plus LAB enables teacher to distribute different A/B/C/D exams
according to learner levels corresponding to individualized teaching. Prompt exam analysis will be conducted automatically showing the score
and answer of each question. Hand in/out assignments online not only promotes the paperless environment but also achieves high-efficient
resources management.
Self study
Remarkable functions under self study mode to maximize the teaching sources can be illustrated by VSCP (Various Speed from -50% to+200%
and Constant Pitch), S/P (Sentence and Pause) SPS, SSP, SPSP, A-B circulation broadcasting, 100 bookmarks, websites share and so on.
Teaching Mode
Interactive Teaching
Supoort multimedia signals broadcasting such as PC, laptop, projector, camera, DVD and so on.
Multi-channel Broadcast
Up to 24 audio/video channels to distribute among different students according to their levels.
Interpretation Training
Appoint 1~12 students for oral interpretation practice and recording at the same time.
Student Demo.
Appoint a student to demonstrate orally or through screen.
Group Teaching
Group students and appoint a leader to imitate interactive teaching among students.
Monitor student PCs and appropriately join for one-by-one guidance.
Student Call
Students call for help or send messages to the teacher.
Hand in/out paperless assignments online.
Oral Training
Group Discussion Group the students to discuss orally or by messages.
Conference Call Students freely practice dialogue in pairs or groups.
Simultaneous Recording Students' oral practices are able to be recorded for later review.
Self-Study Access
Open Materials Video/audio files, 24 multimedia channels, websites, and other materials in database are available for students.
VSCP Function With function of various speed from -50% to +200% but constant pitch for students practicing model imitation.
S/P (Sentence and pause) Self-study modes of SPS, SSP, SPSP let students to listen to audio file and practice.
Digital Exam
In-class quiz with multimedia function and various exam modes:single/multiple-choice(s), cloze, true/false, composition, and translation.
Correct exams and collect grade statistics automatically.
Classroom Management
Exclusive materials database per teacher.
Students information Management Student information management according to class.
Group Management Group students and designate the leaders for each group.
Remote control Remote control student PC over turning on/off and restarting, locking screen, mouse and keyboard, internet blocking, and program and USB limitation.
Roll Call Check students' attendance.
Seat allocation Define seat allocation accorrding to class.
Hardware Requirement
Recommended Specification of Teacher PC
Recommended Specification of Student PC
Intel Core i5
Intel Core i3
2GB or above
1 GB or above
500GB (Need to Install with Database)
250 GB
16-Bit Audio Card
16-Bit Audio Card
100/1000 Mbps
100/1000 Mbps
Windows XP/ 7 / 8
Windows XP/ 7 / 8
DBS Plus Digital Broadcast Teaching System
DBS Plus, an innovative audio visual teaching system, engages teachers and students in a joyful and interactive learning environment. Offers
tools such as wifi-display (smart phone, tablet), dialogue, group practice, students demonstration, on-line test, prompt feedback,
grade, help, roll call…,etc that will keep your students motivated and excited while they acquire the language skills they will need even under
non-PC based classrooms.You will not regret to get closer DBS-plus, the latest inspirational and effective pedagogical system.
Wireless Broadcast
With brand-new touch panel and built-in blue tooth to support PC, laptop and tablet wireless broadcasting such as iPhone / iPad / Tablet
/ Smart Phone / NB for teachers to easily present teaching materials with hand-held devices.
Versatile teaching and learning
Address the specialized learning environment of language/computer lab by multiple tools such as broadcast, observe, dialogue, group discussion,
darken, on line help, etc and delivery high-fidelity sound obtaining a fluent and free discussion.
In-class evaluation
Teachers can give paper-less exam as power point format by editing single/multiple choice, true and false questions and able to insert texts,
video and audio files. Meanwhile, different exam mode such as Competition, Interactive game, Anonymous Exam and so on makes the
leaning more interesting, lively and enjoyable.
Support high resolution display
Support high resolution up to 1920*1080 and sustain full motion guaranteeing excellent image quality for the materials including motion
video and high definition graphics.
Optional environment control
Enable a total classroom management such as projector, power, I/O relay (lights), curtain, screen control, etc by integrating with an optional
device control box (PJ-108) facilitate the teaching and management.
System Structure
Teacher Panel
Teacher Console
AVC Converter
Student Unit
Item Model No. Description
Teacher Panel
Touch Panel with multi-function keys
Teacher Console
Teacher Unit to connect Teacher PC & Wireless Devices
Signal Booster with 8 ports. Giving DBS additional input options (Optional Device).
Student Unit
Student unit to connect headsets, screens, PCs and DRS response keys. One box support two students’ PC.
AV Converter
Expand 4 AV and 2 VGA devices.
DRS Software
DBS Software
DBS Response System
DRS Response Key
KBM Control
Keyboard and Mouse control
Bus Cable
Shielded Twist Pair Category 5E Cable
DBS Plus function list and instruction
Interactive Teaching
Multi-media Sources
Support PC, NB, tablet PC and multimedia sources like VCD, DVD player, camera, projector and so on
Student Demonstration
Appointed student broadcast the audio and video to part / all students.
Darken part / all student's screens to make them concentrate on class
Student can call for help
Interactive Instruction
Remote control keyboard and mouse of assigned student to reach one by one instruction.
Under teacher broadcasting, assigned students ID will be viewed as off-line and able to self control their PC
Self Study
Student can freely choose the teacher broadcasting screen or self screen
Roll Call
In class roll call
Dialogue Practice
Dialogue to Single student
The teacher can talk to appointed student
Dialogue to all
The teacher can dialogue to all students
Student Dialogue Demonstration
The teacher can broadcast appointed student dialogue to all / part students
Group Dialogue Demonstration
The teacher can broadcast appointed group dialogue to all students
Group Discussion
The teacher allow certain groups discussion
In- class Evaluation
In class evaluation to know about student learning condition
Students who answer wrong for certain times (teacher can set the value) will fail the game and the last survivor will win.
Interactive Game
The teacher can play on-line snatch and randomly pick student/ group to answer questions
Anonymous Mode
Anonymous Voting
Data Management
Question Edit
Easy and fast edit questions on Power Point
Class Management
Teacher can edit class group and student information on the system
Answer Collection and Analysis
Automatically collect students’ answers and calculate the score
Import/ export data
Able to import/ export class information and grade report
Environment Control
Turn off Target PC Remotely
Able to turn off student PC remotely
Restart Target PC Remotely
Able to restart student PC remotely
Seat Arrangement
Set student ID according to the seats
Projector Control
Control projector power switch
Screen Control
Raise / put down / stop the screen
Curtain Control
Open/ close curtain
Power Switch
Devices power switch

Our Language Laboratory Equipment state of the art design to manage your school Language Laboratory


DTS2 Digital Language Training System  

DBS Multimedia Broadcast-Teaching system 

ST Smart Teaching School System   

e-PLUS LAB Digital Language Training System

DBS Plus Digital Broadcast Teaching System


PTMP Hardware based Solid language and computer training lab systems

PTMP ( Point to  multi point )

أنظمة التواصل لتعليم اللغات والحاسب الألي المعتمدة على الهاردوير والسوفتوير معا بنفس الوقت

LK-101 Optical Fusion Splicer Machine is now available in ME for more info please visit the page or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


LK-101 Optical Fusion Splicer Machine

Download Brochure


Application type of fibers:

Application fiber dimension :

Fiber Setting & cleaved lenght:

Typical splice loss:

Return loss:

Splicing time:

Heating time:

Tensing time:

Splicing modes:

Tube heater modes:

Attenuation splice function:

Operation condition:

Power supply:





Storage of splice result



SM/MM/DS/NZDS & other single mode fibers including ITU-T G.657 fibers. 

Cladding diameter : 80 to 150μm / Coating diameter: 100 to 1000μm

Sheathe clamp: For coating dia up to 250μm (8 to 16mm cleave)

0.02dB with SM, 0.01dB with DS & 0.04dB with NZDS


Typical 9sec with SM Fast

Typical 30sec

1.9 to 2.2N

Total 100 modes

Build-in tube heater with 30 heating modes

Intentional high splice loss of 0.1dB to 20dB (0.1dB step)

0 to 5000m above sea level, 0 to 95%RH & -10 to 50°C

Application voltage from 100 to 250 AC or 12V DC with Battery pack

Changeable battery (Lithium Polymer). 300 of splice cycles

4.8 inch TFT color LCD monitor

136W X 160D X 150H mm

2.5kg with Battery

The last 2000 result to be stored in the internal memory









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Remotely controlling an irrigation system is the logical next step when installing telemetry. For this purpose we have developed the A724 addSWITCH and the addTIMER software extension. A724 addSWITCH, meanwhile available in Series 4 already, is fully compatible to the whole family of Adcon radios and can easily be integrated into existing weather station or soil moisture networks. It lets you control up to 4 latching solenoids. The addTIMER is an extension to our software addVANTAGE Pro, versions 5.3 and higher. This combination of products lets you fully automize your irrigation system. To get even more accurate we recommend the usage of soil moisture sensors and/or an ETo station.

A724 addSWITCH Valve Controller

indexAn A724 addSWITCH Series 4 can handle up to 4 latching solenoids of various voltages. To each output of an A724 you can assign the DC voltage required for your solenoids, within a range of 5.5 to 15VDC.

To get an even better grasp of what''s going on you can also connect up to four pulse counters to your addSWITCH, be that a water meter or an irrigation gauge. And if you would even like to know if your pumps provide enough pressure to operate your system you can also hook a manometer sensor up to your addSWITCH.

Get full control of your irrigation system!

  • remotely open and close up to 4 latching solenoids,
  • connect up to 4 water meters or irrigation gauges (or any other device with a pulse output / reed switch),
  • connect an analog manometer probe, such as the Adcon PA1 (0-2,5V),
  • full integration into any existing Adcon radio network


The addTIMER, an Extension for the Adcon Software addVANTAGE Professional, versions 5.3 and higher, lets you define for an unlimited number of A724 addSWITCH''s (but also for other RTU''s of course!) not only a daily or weekly, but also a monthly and a seasonal schedule. The following settings can easily be programmed::

  • up to 5 operating cycles per day
  • each day of the week can be individually programmed
  • various weekly plans can make a monthly plan
  • various monthly plans can make a seasonal plan
  • determine start time and run time
  • determine seasonal multipliers (which will save you lots of time! Instead of reprogramming each run-time you can simply extend them all by entering a multiplier - e.g. entering 1,1 will extend each run-time by 10%)
  • insert a single, non-repeatable irrigation event on the fly
  • stop running cycles by the push of a button


A frequently asked question concerns the security of radio controlled irrigation commands. There are two major "what if''s"?

  • What if I open all valves, and then I cannot close them anymore because the OFF signal cannot be transmitted due to radio interference? Will I flood my fields?
  • What if the battery runs empty while I am irrigating, and I don''t have enough power to close my valves?

There is no need to worry - both cannot happen!

1) There is no OFF command ! The addTIMER - addSWITCH system operates on start times and run times, both being sent to the valve controller in the same radio command. The A724 addSWITCH thus exactly knows when to open the valves and for how long to keep them open. And since this run-time is being stored in the A724 addSWITCH there simply is no need to send an OFF command!

2) Battery voltage is permanently being monitored.. As soon as the A724 recognizes that the voltage of its internal battery approaches a critical value, below which operation of the attached valves might get unsafe, it will automatically turn open valves off and will no longer accept ON commands, until the batteries have again been sufficiently recharged by the devices solar panel.

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