ADCON Telemetry



ADCON develops and sells worldwide turn-key solutions and components based on digital radio transmission for:


Water Management

Water management

  • • Environmental monitoring
  • • Agriculture
  • • Industry


Telemetry means applications and products for:

  • • remote data aquisition
  • • remote data monitoring
  • • remote control

Adcon Delivers

Adcon delivers hard- and software no cabling needed:

  • Communication by radio
  • Solar powered system
  • Datatransmission free of charge
  • Flexible: easy to install, easy to expand
  • Network oriented
  • Remote supervision of each station by software
  • Data can be integrated in third party applications;
  • Water Management / Leakage detection
  • Level Monitoring
  • System Monitoring
  • Simple control functions
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Connect custom sensors to adapt the system to your needs !
  • Weather Data monitoring
  • Plant Protection
  • Irrigation Management



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ADCON Telemetry

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